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 01/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Leicester IvanhoeBarrow Town  4490985
 01/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Sileby TownRothley ParkChris JohnsonBob Sizer hU aF
 01/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Newtown LinfordCropston   PM hF aF
 08/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Leicester IvanhoeSileby TownPaul BearparkKeith Towers PM aU hF
 08/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Rothley ParkNewtown LinfordHuw DaviesAndy Smith hU aF
 15/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2CropstonRothley ParkDan PedleyAlan Sommer PM hU aU hF aF
 15/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Sileby TownBarrow Town  4490988
 15/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Newtown LinfordLeicester IvanhoeChris JohnsonPaul Bearpark
 22/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Leicester IvanhoeCropstonAndy SmithKeith Towers PM aU hF
 22/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Sileby TownNewtown LinfordBob InchleyRod Watts hU aF
 22/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Barrow TownRothley ParkHuw DaviesColin Megennis PM hU aU hF aF
 29/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Rothley ParkLeicester IvanhoeChris JohnsonKarl Hawker4490994
 29/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Newtown LinfordBarrow TownBob InchleyKeith Towers4490991
 29/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2CropstonSileby TownDave MackeyAlan Sommer4490992
 30/08/2020 13:00:00Group 2Barrow TownCropstonAlan SommerAndy Smith PM hU aU hF aF
 05/09/2020 12:30:00Group 2Sileby TownCropstonBob SizerKeith Towers PM hU aU hF aF
 05/09/2020 12:30:00Group 2Newtown LinfordBarrow TownHuw DaviesAlan Sommer PM hU aU hF aF
 05/09/2020 12:30:00Group 2Leicester IvanhoeRothley Park   
 12/09/2020 12:30:00Group 2Sileby TownBarrow TownChris JohnsonAlan Sommer PM hU aU hF aF