Team Results for University of Leicester Staff in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

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Div: Division 3 East
  22/04/2023Maher Stars103-125 University of Leicester Staff99-101 5799308
  29/04/2023University of Leicester Staff69-105 Syston Town 2146-1025 5799316
  06/05/2023University of Leicester Staff0-08 YMA0-08 5799321
  13/05/2023Birstall Village101-1010 University of Leicester Staff105-925 5799325
  20/05/2023University of Leicester Staff86-102 Lutterworth 287-225 5799334
  27/05/2023Medbourne114-225 University of Leicester Staff113-103 5799340
  03/06/2023University of Leicester Staff96-108 Thorpe Arnold97-825 5799346
  10/06/2023Market Harborough178-1025 University of Leicester Staff150-1011 5799352
  17/06/2023University of Leicester Staff83-105 Bharat Sports202-1025 5799358
  24/06/2023University of Leicester Staff219-1025 Countesthorpe173-1010 5799362
  01/07/2023Leicester Caribbean143-1010 University of Leicester Staff179-1025 5799369
  08/07/2023YMA197-825 University of Leicester Staff191-913 5799378
  15/07/2023University of Leicester Staff171-811 Birstall Village174-825 5799381
  22/07/2023Lutterworth 20-08 University of Leicester Staff0-08 5799386
  29/07/2023University of Leicester Staff125-1013 Medbourne136-1025 5799394
  05/08/2023Thorpe Arnold0-08 University of Leicester Staff0-08 5799402
  12/08/2023University of Leicester Staff188-1025 Maher Stars52-105(189) 5799406
  19/08/2023Syston Town 2142-104 University of Leicester Staff251-725 5799413
  26/08/2023Countesthorpe121-104 University of Leicester Staff274-925 5799416
  02/09/2023University of Leicester Staff168-108 Leicester Caribbean212-725 5799422
  09/09/2023University of Leicester Staff252-825 Market Harborough195-109 5799430
  16/09/2023Bharat Sports171-107 University of Leicester Staff256-925 5799434
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