Team Results for Highfield Rangers in Everards Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket League

  DateHomeh Scoreh PtsHome Inns HighlightsAwaya Scorea PtsAway Inns HighlightsPC
Div: Division 4 Central
  28/04/2018Maher Stars0-05Match Abandoned Highfield Rangers0-05 3559153
  05/05/2018Highfield Rangers241-1025highfield rangers had A very good inning with bat and ball every one chip in.tajwinder 42,manpreet 46,sanjiv36 Raj Kahlon 26 and 7over 19 runs 3 wksQuorn164-107 C Cooper had Avery good inning 853559164
  12/05/2018Enderby 2106-214 Highfield Rangers181-1025 3559129
  19/05/2018Highfield Rangers170-525Good chase!! Brilliant partnership of 73 runs between parmveer (57) And Hardeep (19 not out)Good bowling figures of Taranjot 11-1-30-3 and Raj Kahlon 12-2-28-2 👍👍Electricity Sports 2168-108 3559163
  26/05/2018Leicester Ivanhoe 3149-1010R. Kalon 5-14Highfield Rangers150-825Sanjeev 44no C.Harvey 3-273559198
  02/06/2018Highfield Rangers161-1025Raj Kahlon Top bowling 6/11 and sanjiv 2/14 Parmveer singh 37 and sanjiv played crucial innings of 25 not outBirstall Village62-105P Oldcorn 4-433559158
  09/06/2018Highfield Rangers255-102591(8 sixes)of sanjiv and 6 catches/Raj 72 and Puspinder bowl superb spell of 11.4/1/37/7 wickets Sileby Town 3157-105 3559166
  16/06/2018YMA185-525 Highfield Rangers187-109 3559201
  23/06/2018Highfield Rangers99-102 Mountsorrel Castle102-225 3559160
  30/06/2018Barrow Town 2127-425H Pedrola 91* & 4-42Highfield Rangers126-106 3559094
  07/07/2018Quorn59-125 Highfield Rangers57-101Andy Stovel 4-11 Jack Child 4-83559107
  14/07/2018Highfield Rangers270-725Parmveer batted superb for his 103,puspinder 32,Shaun 39 Kirit 3 wickets Good Team effort: Enderby 2121-103 3559162
  21/07/2018Electricity Sports 2132-825 Highfield Rangers128-1010 3559115
  28/07/2018Highfield Rangers0-010match abandoned at tea due to rain,Sanjiv S 12-4-17-5Dinesh Virmani 4.1-2-4-3Leicester Ivanhoe 380-105match Abandoned at tea due to rain3559156
  04/08/2018Birstall Village148-108 Highfield Rangers207-925 3559180
  11/08/2018Sileby Town 30-05Match Abandoned Highfield Rangers0-05Totally disappointed with efforts of sileby to rearrange the game !! Sleeping for weeks then wake up on Friday and cancel it😡unprofessionally done by sileby and league 👎🏻👎🏻3559085
  18/08/2018Highfield Rangers157-102533 parmveer Good bowling by Gurdeep 3.3 ov 10/4 Good Team effect!!YMA107-1010 3559157
  25/08/2018Mountsorrel Castle121-106 Highfield Rangers203-1025well played team, Parmveer 65, 1 wicket 1 ball ,S.Joseph 45 .Kirit 3 wickets, 2 wickets each for Sanjiv and Pushinder3559136
  26/08/2018Highfield Rangers0-05Match Abandoned Asian Sports0-05Match Abandoned 3559159
  01/09/2018Highfield Rangers163-92568 Sanjiv brilliant batting 25 jigarBarrow Town 293-107Taranjot smashing spell of 10-5-18-63559165
  08/09/2018Highfield Rangers149-10639 parmveer, 3 wickets for pushpinder Maher Stars150-425 3559161
  15/09/2018Asian Sports107-725 Highfield Rangers106-108 3559175
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